It Is Quite The Issue For Those Of Us Who Cuckold Others…

Cuckold for Ms Christine

What will she give you tonight?

Why cuckold, even your hot wife finds it a challenge.  See, she can’t decide which feels better.  The feeling when her Bull begins speeding up his thrusts, she feels his cock getting much bigger and then pulse after pulse as he buries his big, throbbing cock in her pussy and shoots it all inside of her, filling her up…or you, sliding up between her legs, clamping your mouth over that dripping honey hole and eating it all out after!

As A Cuckold, You Still Get To Eat Cum

You’re still going to be eating that warm cream pie out of her of course.  I didn’t say she didn’t like having you eat her out afterwards, just that she couldn’t figure out which was better.  I guess she’ll just need to do some more experimentation, so more studies, huh?  And what’s that mean cuckie cream pie eater?  It means more cum for you!

What About Cum From The Cock?

That has been an issue for awhile hasn’t it?  Sometimes you love to get that jizz straight from the tap.  You try to get him off while you’re only supposed to be fluffing him.  Your hot wife knows what a slut you are though, doesn’t she?  She keeps careful watch on her Bulls, and always pulls you off her cocks before they get anywhere near cumming.  That spunk is all for her, she loves the feeling of it jetting up all inside of her, filling her pussy.  Guess you’ll just have to be satisfied with the cuckold version of sloppy seconds, won’t you?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine