Summertime’s most refreshing drink!

Summertime Fun For Cum Eaters

Summertime…and the living is easy…but cumming isn’t!  If you want to make some wonderful cum cocktails, that means you going to need a nice big load of the creamy stuff.  So, make sure during your stroking sessions, you’re edging a lot – like 10 – 20 times.  And make sure you collect all that pre-cum too!

A Little Ice For Your Drink

Let’s start by making some cum ice cubes.  No, you don’t have to fill the whole thing with jizz!  Just put one load into each of the ice cube..containers?  receptacles! the thingies!  Then fill up the rest of the tray with water and pop it in the freezer.  Make sure you use those  in all your drinks.  They say the sexually frustrated chew ice – and I know you’re sexually frustrated!  Oh, but make sure you keep that ice cube tray somewhere special – don’t want some unsuspecting person grabbing one of your special ice cubes, now do we?

How About Some Crème De Cock?

If you want a mixed drink, how about mixing it up, then jerking off into it, giving yourself a nice float of Crème De Cock?  Doesn’t that drink look pretty with that nice ribbon of white floating on top?  If it’s one of those fruity drinks you like so much, it probably even makes the colors more spectacular, doesn’t it? Go ahead, slut, drink it all down, I’ll bet it tastes delicious!

Why don’t you share your special cum cocktail recipes with us in the comments.