Punished Cum Eater

Cum Eater for Ms ChristineDo you know what one of the best benefits of being a bitchy Domme phone sex MILF to a cum eater is? It’s that I can have guys slurp up their own cum for me. Know what I hate though?  Some of you guys want to just talk about it. That can be really frustrating, but that’s okay, because I love a challenge. And I know pet, that when that cock is hard and your balls are still super full and blue, you love to talk about all the kinky, humiliating things you say you don’t really want to do, just to make nutting off even hotter.

You Beg To Cum – Don’t You Cum Eater?

“Please, Mistress, please let me cum for you! I swear I will lick up every drop.” Then you shoot that big full load, you empty your balls, and you just lose the urge to eat it.  It’s really common, and I’m here to tell you, it’s not going to happen. When you play with me, I make sure you keep your promises. My permission to cum was on the condition that you would eat it.  You can’t un-ring the bell, as they say, so you are going to lick up that thick, salty jizz off of your palm. You see, if you don’t, bitchy Mistress Christine is coming out to play, and she’s going to teach you about making promises that your mouth won’t keep !

Punishment For Not Eating Your Cum

You see, the punishment I dole out for refusing to eat your own cum is quite disgusting.  It won’t be a spanking or a flogging. The whole idea is that you promised to eat your cum…so you will. Next time you call, you will jerk off into an ice cube tray. You will do this several times, during every call, and keeping it in the freezer.  Then, when we have enough cum cubes, you’ll call me up and we’ll put them all  into your mouth, letting them sit there. I will make you stroke your dick and confess to me just how much you love the taste of cum until they’ve all melted. Then you’ll gargle with that jizz, while I laugh and tease you about how you’ve become my cum guzzling little jerk off pet. And when I finally give you permission to cum, that is when I will let you swallow all of that spunk. I have no doubt that after that, you will give me no trouble licking up your fresh spunk – which tastes much better by the way – now will you?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine