Cum Eating Is Healthy For You

You need to know the facts!

Cum has all kinds of nutrients – and it’s full of protein.  Of course, for most of you, you jerk off so often, it just a few drops per load, but maybe quantity makes up for quality?  Ehh, probably not.  It’s not like you could live off a diet of jizz – although many of you do try!  It’s also a wonderful moisturizer…so I’m told.  There’s a thought.  Next time, when you’re making your walk of shame home after being facialized a few times, just tell everyone it’s not cum – it’s moisturizer!

Women Find Cum Eating Hot

Do you think Ms. Olivia, Miss Violet and Myself would be Cum Mistresses, give you all kinds of great ideas on how to eat your own cum and actively encourage you to do it if we found it disgusting?  Now they say, statistically, a sample size of 30 tells you all you need to know.  We’ve got more than 30 Mistresses here at the Enchantrix Empire and we all think cum eating is really hot, especially when a guy slurps it ALL up for us.  So obviously, that means 100% of women in the world think it’s hot! 

She Wants You to Swallow

Besides it being hot, she swallows, and she wants you to swallow, too.  Part of it is the hotness factor, but most of it is because we want you to know just what we go through when you jet off a hot, steamy load in our mouths.  If you want her to keep giving you blowjobs and swallowing your spunk, shouldn’t you at least try cum eating yourself?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine