Cum Eating with Ms Christine

There are lots of reasons to eat your cum!

Cum Eating Feels Good

I know, some of you think cum is slimy and gross and that’s why you won’t eat it.  You think you’d have to make a game or dare of cum eating, because it’s not the taste, it’s the consistency.  And you just can’t do it otherwise… while others of you, and I’m one of you, love the feeling of cum.  I think it’s slippery and silky and so, so wet!  And there’s nothing like being wet when you’re horny, is there?  Not only do you like the way it feels in your mouth, you spread it all over your body, don’t you?  Cum feels good!

Cum Makes You Feel Sexy

Is that why you like to be covered in cum?  Are you a bukkake whore?  Not only do you like the way it feels, but it makes you feel so sexy, knowing that the mark of your sexuality is all over you.  Tell me cum slut, do you get a special thrill taking that cum covered walk of shame home?  Knowing the evidence of just what a sexy slut you are is there for everyone to see?

Cum Eating Makes You Mine

I think there is no better way to end a Femdom session then with some cum play.  Whether you eat all your jizz, clean my Bull’s creampie from my wet and wanting pussy or end up covered in it, that’s just perfect.  Knowing that you are going to do such a submissive act as eating your own jizz, that you leave me clean and satisfied, or that I’ve been able to mark you, I know that your mine.  Doesn’t that just leave you feeling all warm and tingly inside?

Cum Eating Makes You Happy

Maybe there are some endorphins or something inside that spunk, because whenever you’ve swallowed a nice, big load for me, you get this look on your face like the cat who just ate the canary!  Are you pleased and happy with yourself?  Are you happy that you pleased your Mistress?  Maybe it’s a bit of both, huh?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine