…the rest of the cum eating reasons list

Cum Eating Is Pleasure

Well, I think you know how much you please me when cum eating for me.  It’s so kinky, so naughty, and I love to bring that out in my pets.  I know it’s pleasurable for you too.  I mean, why else would you beg me to eat your own cum?  Or, better still, beg me for release, knowing that you are going to have to clean up after yourself?  You must be getting some pleasurable experience out of it, right?

Cum Eating Makes You Horny

Like, is there any doubt?  I know that just thinking about eating cum gets you hard and throbbing for me.  Usually, without even touching yourself, just the thought of slurping up some spunk has your cock leaking pre-cum (which you will be eating, by the way).  You know what though?  I’ve found that with my cum eating junkies the actual act of eating their own jizz gets them ready for another round so much quicker!  Hell, some of them don’t even go soft!  As soon as they swallow that spooge, they’re ready for another load!

Cum Eating Makes You feel Feminine

Well, of course it does.  She’s supposed to swallow, not the man.  We have this whole idea in vanilla society that men just aren’t about cum eating.  It’s certainly a good thing that you’re a kinky little slut, isn’t it?  But tell me, cum slut, do you really feel like a man when you’re eating a load of warm cream? Cocksucker, cuckold or just run-of-the-mill cum eater, I’m willing to bet that you feel just a wee bit feminine (or at least less masculine) as that spunk slides down your throat!

Cum Tastes So Good

All these other reasons aside, this is probably the one you’ve been waiting for… you know this is the real reason why you eat cum.  It just tastes so damn good! 😉

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine