How About A Side Of Humiliation?

Cum Eating for Ms. Christine

Of course you like it used, warm, and creamie…

Some men find the idea of eating cum – theirs or someone else’s – humiliating.  Some are veritable cum junkies and couldn’t care less – as long it’s kept quiet.  They don’t want anyone else knowing they love…crave…that sweet cock cream.  So one of the things I like to do, especially at fetish parties, is to just casually mention how much my pet loves to eat cum! He usually doesn’t just turn red – it’s quite often a lovely shade of purple – as those words just ring in his ears.

A Cum Eating Punishment

So, if you have a cum junkie on your hands who just loves to eat jizz, how, exactly would you punish him?  You can’t just make him eat cum!  And I don’t want him not eating spooge of course, because it makes such a mess.  We’ve done quite a few posts here on how to sweeten your cum, but when I’m punishing a spunk addict, I have him spend a couple of days eating things that will make his cum taste nasty!  Lots of black coffee, asparagus, arugula and kale.  He may like that sweet cream, but watching him choke down that bitter jizz is a treat! A treat for Me!

Watch Yourself In Cum Eating Position

A lot of my cum eaters keep their eyes closed when their slurping down the spooge.  I don’t know why – it’s the taste, the texture, the smell that really makes the cum eating experience.  I guess maybe it’s the humiliation of actually having to watch yourself eat cum?  Is that it? So, one of the fun things I like to do is to sometimes place a mirror on the floor right underneath your cock, then have you cum and coat it with your spunk.  Then I like to make you watch what you’ve become as you lick that mirror clean – my cum eating slut!

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