I Can Tell You’re Ripe For A Cum Eating Addiction

You’ll get addicted pretty quick!

Cum eating is what you want to be doing more than anything, you know it…and I know it too.  Every time you call, you tell me about your fantasies of squirting a big load into your hand and then swallowing it down for me.  You’ve told me how you’ve read all the blogs here about my cum sluts, and you really want to be one.  Well, today’s the day.  Today is the day I start getting you addicted to the taste of cum.

You Need A Lot Of Jizz To Get Addicted

First you have to save up a big load.  So, I’ve had you in denial for 7 days now.  Denied, but with daily teasing and edging assignments to get those balls churning and full of spunk.  Are they blue and aching?  Good, that means their almost bursting!  If we wait much longer, you might have a wet dream and spooge all over your sheets – and then there’d be no cum for you to eat.  So start stroking for me.  I’m going to give you some guided masturbation instruction, and some lovely, intense edges. to make sure those balls are full to the brim.

Your First Load

You have to be patient!  All those edges are just causing your nuts to produce more cum.  I want them completely full!  Now wait…wait until I give you permission to cum.  Now!  Cum hard for me and shoot all that cream into your hand!  Massage your balls and get it all out, every last drop.  Then, lift that hand up to your mouth, lick it clean and swallow it all down for me.

What?  You want more?  You’re already addicted to cum, aren’t you pet?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine