Cum Eating Body Worship with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

From Head to Toe

I encourage you to do some serious body worship with me, while you are eating your cum.  You like looking at me, and I would bet that you find yourself touching your cock as you look at my pictures, from time to time.  *smile*  This is a good thing!

Because I want you to pick one or two of my body parts to deposit your next load.  Keep it mind that you will be required to lap up every single drop, so make your choices wisely.

You Will Be Teased

While you are stroking, edging and building up to a crazy release…I will be teasing you.  Describing my pretty, pert breasts to you in great detail.  Talking about rubbing them against your back, as my nipples grow hard against your flesh.  This is the ultimate breast worship.

You are feeling the tease already!  *grin*  Just imagine what I can do with 30 minutes…or 60!  I can turn your cum eating fantasies into reality.

Time to Shoot

When the time is right, I will instruct you to shoot…hard!  You will have the pleasure of shooting your full load onto my pert breasts, or my curvy ass, or my pink pussy, or wherever your desires prefer.

You will hear me urging you to lean over and start licking.  Move that tongue over the flesh of my body.  Feel my warm body under your wet tongue.  Taste your own cum, mixed with my natural feminine taste.  Yum!

Confession Time

Which body part would you choose to cum on, knowing you must eat it up?  Have you tried this method of cum eating before?  It is very hot and fun to incorporate into a couples phone sex call.