Cum Eating Assignments
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Keeping You In Cum Eating Shape

I worry about you.  I worry that you will get out of shape between sessions and lose some of your cum eating skill.  So I decided to take care of that possibility by giving you an assignment to keep you active in the fetish you love so much.

This cum eating assignment will require you to put a little effort into it.  You will need to prepare your cum in a particular way, and then eat it in precisely the manner I outline.  Consider this a cum eating game you play to amuse me.

Items To Gather

You will need the following items to begin this assignment:

  1. A small plastic container with a lid
  2. A piece of masking tape, about 4 inches long
  3. A Sharpie

How to Begin

You are going to stroke for me.  What I mean is that you are going to either look at a photo of me that tickles your pickle, or think of me as you stroke.  You are doing this stroking to please me, your Mistress/Cum Eating Guide.  Here are some new stroking techniques for you to try.

When you are ready to cum, you will cum into the plastic container.  Put a small amount of water on top, and then put the lid on.  The water helps your cum freeze, instead of being mush.

Wrap the masking tape around the container and write this on the tape “Lab Specimen”.  Nobody wants to touch that!  If you share your freezer with anyone else, and they find this special container, they will steer clear for sure.

What Cums Next

The next time that you masturbate, pop that cum cube out and place it in your mouth.  Close your lips and let that tasty frozen treat naturally defrost on your warm tongue.  You will feel it drizzle down the back of your throat.  It will remind you of why eating your own cum excites you so much.  No fair cheating and chewing it, swallowing it whole or spitting it out.

When you get right on the edge, grab that container.  Yes…you will be cumming into it again.  Put a little water on top, put the lid on.  Place that container back in the hidden recesses of your freezer for your next stroking session.

Even More Fun

I challenge you to have a cum cube saved up for our next session together.  You have to know that I adore hearing you enjoying every drop of that cum cube as it takes its sweet time melting away in your mouth.  Watching you do that is even better!

Let me know how this assignment is going for you.  Are you feeling more under my control?  Are you noticing that your cum eating skills are maintaining the high level I expect, or even increasing?  Of course I want to know!  *smile*