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A New Challenge for You

When you lose one sense, the others are heightened.  This lead to me thinking about what it would be like for a cum craver, such as you, to experience kinky cum eating while blindfolded.

I thought up two ways to enjoy this.  Either one will be fun.  Each one has its own merits.  Either way, the joys of tasting your own freshly shot, creamy cum will be better than ever!

Two Methods to Try

  1.   Hope Your Aim is Good:  You put on your blindfold, edge at least 3 times, then lie on your back with your legs up over your head, your mouth wide open and work your way to the edge one last time.  When your climax arrives, do your best to aim for your mouth.  Sure…some of your jizz will shoot all over your face and chest.  Oh, how awful for you!  Yeah right.  I know how you love to be covered in man juice.  The cum you manage to shoot into your mouth, you will savor and swallow.  The rest…well that is what fingers are for.  With your blindfold still on, use your fingers to scoop up that errant cum and eat it off your fingers.

2.  Hungry Like a Wolf:  You will need a shallow bowl, or pie pan for this one.  Kneel with the bowl/pie pan in front of you.  Put your blindfold on.  Edge at least 3 times, then pick up the bowl/pie pan and cum hard into it.  Put it back down in front of you.  Clasp your hands behind your back, bend forward and lick up every drop of that delicious cum.  You will have to root around to find it all.  Still blindfolded, you may stick your nose in it.  It is all part of the adventure and will give you a good dose of cum eating humiliation.

Something Very Important

I want to SEE you do this, whichever method you choose for yourself.  Mistress is a voyeur and enjoys seeing you go after your splooge.  Do not even think of denying me that pleasure.

If you are freaked out by the thought of being watched on cam, remember you will be blindfolded.  I would never recognize you later, so your identity is safe.  *wink*  Still cannot bear the thought?  Oh alright.  Then I want to listen.  Luckily my naughty mind paints a vivid picture when I hear a cum eater in action.

Anything can be a blindfold.  It does not have to be an actual blindfold.  Use a scarf, dish towel, tie, handkerchief, etc.