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A Natural Combination

Two of your favorite erotic activities rolled into one.  Worshiping my body and eating your cum!  This is an amazing way to devour every drop of your man juice.

I have a journey planned for us.  While I am open to your preferences and suggestions, consider this itinerary for your cum eating body worship journey with me.

The Build Up

A big part of the fun is teasing and coaching you to the point where you cum.  I really enjoy giving you ideas for new ways to masturbate; methods that spice things up a lot.

This is the time where we create intense excitement, let our natural chemistry dance, and build toward your huge release.  I like you to be crazy excited at that point, because it helps you eat your cum, and if you are already a regular devotee of cum cuisine, then it adds greatly to your enjoyment.

Start Low

Even before you have your release, I like to take that bead of pre-cum from the tip of your cock, put it on the inside of my thigh, just above my knee and slowly trail it upward.  Your eyes follow my finger closely, because you understand that your tongue will be following that sweet trail right up the warm, smooth length of my inner thigh.

I feet your wet tongue touch my flesh, and lick passionately upward.  Stopping to kiss and suck alone the way.  I smile, as it gives me pleasure as well.  When I feel your eager tongue reach just below my panties, I gently stop you; directing you back to stroking.

Moving Upward

I stand before you, smile, and turn around so that the cheeks of my round ass are directly in front of your face.  They are highly visible with these skimpy stretch lace pink shorts I am wearing.  I look over my shoulder and tell you to use your finger to paint a pre-cum heart on my right cheek.  Your finger moves trembling over the curve of my ass.  I can feel the wetness there.

“You may lick and suck that off now”.  You did not need to hear that twice.  Suddenly your urgent mouth is licking with full tongue licks, and sucking with need.  “Is it sweet?”  I hear you moan your assent.  Then we repeat this delightful sequence on my left cheek.  Your breath panting hot and heavy against my skin.  Your oral servitude excites me.

Final Course

You want your final course, and so do I.  I pull my red top off over my head, tossing it lightly across the room.  You are sitting back on your heels, stroking your cock like mad.  The pre-cum is flowing down the side of your dick, allowing me to hear every stroke clearly.  Mmmm.  I stroll to the bed, lie down on my back along the middle of the bed.  My head is propped up on a fluffy pile of pillows, so I can watch you closely as I see you turning fantasy into reality.

I pat the bed next to me and invite you to join me.  You are on your knees, stroking your hard cock over my perfect, perky breasts.  Drops of pre-cum are dripping down to land lightly on my nipples and in my cleavage.  It does not take long before you are right on the edge.  I have you ride it a little bit, then give you permission to shoot your load across my breasts.  Jism squirts out in hot streams, so white against my tan skin.  You look at your masterpiece briefly, then lower your head and lick every single delicious drop of cum off of my breasts.

Hungry?  Tell me what you crave.