Cum Eating Pets Have The Best Games

Cum Eating for Ms Christine

Think you can dine from each spot this week for me?

I hadn’t even posted my Random Cum Eating game post last week, when I got a message from one of our spunk slurpers, Missy Lena.  It seems that she loves any sort of cum eating assignment and decided to share some ideas with the Mistresses here on this blog. And to tell you the truth, it was too good to pass up, so now we’re going to give portions of it to all of you spooge swallowers!

How Much Cum Can You Eat

I’ve decided to extend a challenge to all of you boi’s and sissies!  I chose a section of Missy Lena’s list titled: Ways to eat cum off of my…? And you have three options for how to eat it. You can slurp it (with all those wonderful slurping sounds), lick it, or scoop it up.  All the standard rules apply – tease yourself with five edges before you cum, and if you’re part of the 1000 Ruined Orgasm Challenge, it’s ruined cummies only for you!

How Will You Eat Your Cum When It Lands On Your…


Oh, that’s pretty classic, isn’t it?  Hold that free hand under your cock or sissy clit, catch all that cum then lick it off.


Oh you slut!  Can you self suck – that’s perfect for slurping! – or is it just out of reach and you’ll have to facialize yourself?  I think you’ve only got two options here – slurp or scoop, depending on how close the landing is to your mouth.


This will be pretty much the norm for most of you, nutting off all over your tummy.  I don’t know though, unless you’re really flexible, I think your only option here is going to be scooping.

The Floor

You dirty whore!  Cumming all over the clean floor!  At least I hope it’s clean, since you’ll be making it all tidy again by licking it up.


Don’t think this is only for the sissies, you can always jack off with panties around your cock. And I think that licking or slurping would both be great choices here.


Another one, I bet you were thinking was only for the sissies, huh?  But you can jerk off with pantyhose, or just lay them down on something and cover them in jizz. And your eating method can be either licking or slurping as well.


Oh, you are a little bitch aren’t you, creaming on your dildo!  You’re going to suck it off and fantasize that your cleaning my Bull, aren’t you?

Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know how many loads you ate for your Cum Mistress this week!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine