Would you like to play a game with Me?

Cum Eating Fun

I know how much you all enjoy cum eating games, so I thought we’d try a new one!  This one isn’t so much about varying the ways you eat cum as it is about building up a really big load.  I know you cum junkies want as much cum as you can handle, and with this super orgasm technique, you’ll have those balls nice and full!

Cum Eating Junkie Challenge

Get a chocolate bar and stop watch, then get naked for me, and get in front of your computer screen.  With the candy bar, write “CUM JUNKIE” on the screen – not exactly what you thought was coming, where cum eating and chocolate are concerned, but bear with me.  Start by getting your cock hard, then stroke for exactly one minute. If you feel an edge coming on, stop stroking and get my cock under control. When the minute is up, lean forward and lick the letter “C” off the computer screen.

Keep Stroking And Licking

Now you will stroke your cock two minutes.  Now lick off the “U”.  Grab that cock again, and stroke for 3 minutes, then lick up the “M”.  Getting the idea, cum slut?  Add a minute after every letter.  By the time you’re done, you will have stroked for a total of 45 minutes without orgasm.

Balls Full Of Cum

45 minutes of stroking, and I can only guess how many edges!  I don’t care how badly you want to cum – or the cum eating you know will come at the end – it’s not going to happen before you make it to the “E”.  Once you’ve licked that last letter off the screen,  jerk that cock until full release and have a mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasm! I want you to explode all over your computer screen.  Paint that screen pearly white with your cum!  You know what to do next…clean it up. Bend down, stick your tongue out, and lick all that spunk off, you cum whore!

Ah, turning your cum eating into a game is so much fun!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine