There’s Coached Cum Eating And Coerced Cum Eating

Cum Eating for Ms Christine

Two choices for my cum eaters today!

Some people think they are one in the same, but they aren’t. The main difference is that those who want coached cum eating really do want to eat their own cum.  It’s a fantasy, it’s something they want to do, but they’ve never been with a partner who has accepted the fantasy, or they don’t really know how to start.  Maybe they have every intention in the world to eat their jizz, then they lose their desire to eat it once they’ve cum.  They need a Cum Eating Coach to show them the way.

You Need A Cum Eating Coach

Many Femdoms have been faced with this fantasy.  Mistress Phone Sex is about power and control, but it’s also about helping you with your fantasy.  And if your fantasy is cum eating, that fits right in.  It can be humiliating and submissive, because it’s something men just aren’t supposed to do!  For many submissives, it’s just another way for them to show their respect, their desire to please their Mistress, by cleaning up their own mess.  Finding a Cum Coach can help to make sure your fantasy comes true, and you become a submissive cum junkie, happy with the service you provide your Domme, thanking her for the orgasm she’s just allowed you.

Coerced Cum Eating

For the cum eater who needs to be coerced, it’s not that they don’t want to eat their own spunk.  It’s just that they have to put up a pretense that they really don’t want to.  They want to be coerced so that, in their mind, they can continue to tell themselves that they really didn’t want to do it – they just did it because they were told to by their Domme.  They may think it’s disgusting, they may say they don’t like the taste, they may say that it will make them gay if they like it.  Doesn’t matter to a Femdom Mistress like Me, just as long as you swallow down that jizz! 😉

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine