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Wanting It

Maybe you can relate to this dilemma.  You want to eat your own cum.  You fantasize about it…imagine how it will taste and feel to have it in your mouth.  But when it comes down to actually DOING it, you just can’t make it happen.

Ms Olivia and I had a session with a nice guy named tom a few weeks ago.  He came right out and called himself a “cum eating coward”.  That had both of us laughing so hard, we could barely get it out that we intended to write about him in this blog.  But I think he understood.  And apparently tom subscribes to this blog, so he will be reading this soon enough.

So Many Of Them

Most of our cum eaters started out as cowards.  They just could not bring themselves to follow through with eating their own cum.  Maybe you are stuck in that rut yourself.

Not to worry!  That is where your Mistress comes into the picture.  You see, when you have a Mistress on the phone with you, coaxing you along, it becomes much easier to follow through and eat your cum.  And if you have a real relationship with her, even better.

Pleasing Your Mistress

When you want to please your Mistress, the thought of letting her down is abhorrent.  As a submissive man, you would do anything to please her…to show her that you are devoted and obedient.  So the most important step in overcoming that cowardice is to establish a relationship with a Mistress who you truly want to please.

So try a few.  Try a lot.  Just find the Mistress who pops your cork.  Then feel the difference when you get to that point in your session.  You know the one.  Right before you cum.  You are wanting to eat that hot, creamy cum, but this is the moment where things have gone awry in the past.  Now that you have a Mistress you truly want to please and hate the idea of disappointing, you find yourself bringing that fresh cum right up to your mouth.

Success At Last

You could be successful the first time, under these circumstances.  You might eat a lick or two, but freeze at the whole load.  No worries.  You will have broken through the barrier.  Next time you are having fetish phone sex with your Mistress, you will eat more…maybe even all of it!

I suspect you will surprise yourself.  But your Mistress will expect it and have a knowing smile on her lips.  The surprise for her would have been if you did NOT eat that load of fresh jizz.

Let’s hear about your barrier breaking session.  What finally got you to open up and eat your own cum?