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Cum eating

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Are you curious about eating your own cum? I know you are because you’re here on this blog. You’re hard right now, aren’t you? You’re aroused by the intensity of the emotions you feel — you’re aroused by the thought of eating your own cum. BUT …   you might wonder if it’s kinky or crazy to eat your own cum and then, m’dear, you have a cum eating dilemma.

Mistress I’m scared to eat my own cum

How many times have I heard that? You are aroused by the thought of eating cum but you are scared to do it. OR you have what I call the cum and go syndrome … that means you’re aroused by cum eating until you actually cum and HAVE cum to eat … at that moment you hang up the phone and go clean up. There are many men that lose the urge to eat cum after you cum.  This goes on time and again until ….

The day you decide to eat cum

When you decide today is the day that you WILL eat your own cum, that is the day you call for this Experienced Mistress. Your hands shake as you dial the phone. You’re so horny and it’s a thrill ride of erotic humiliation to confess that, on this day, you want Mistress to make you eat your own cum.

Mistress makes you eat cum

There are many ways to make you eat cum. For some people, the roadblock is psychological. For some people, changing your physical position will solve the problem. For every potential cum eater, it’s all about finding the right trigger for YOU to eat your own cum. That’s where a Mistress can help.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia