Respect For Your Cum Eating Mistress

Cum Eating for Ms Christine

It pleases me to see you do it, all the time!

Whenever you’re in a guided masturbation scene and your Mistress is teasing and edging you to the point of madness, I want you to focus on one thought.  No not, “when is she ever going to let me cum”!  I want you focused on how you can show respect for your Cock Control Mistress if she actually does allow you to shoot that load out of your horny, needy dick.

Cum Eating…You Must Always Do It!

What you need to be focused on is what you are going to do with all that sticky, messy jizz.  A cum slut always shows respect for his Masturbatrix by cleaning up his own mess.  But a good cum slut?  He does it without even being told.  That’s what I want you to be pet – a good cum slut, the BEST cum slut.  So, not only should you be thinking about eating any cum that comes out of your cock – including the yummy pre-cum – you should always do it without any prompting from your Mistress.  As soon as that dick stops pulsing and those balls have emptied, that spunk should be finding its way to your hungry mouth.

Consequences For Not Being a Cum Eating Pet Every Time For Me…

You don’t want to be a bad stroker slut, do you?  Nutting off into a tissue, or a pair of socks…or even worse, some panties.  Leaving it on the floor for someone to slip in?  If you really believe leaving your nasty spooge  just lying around is the better option, let me tell you, it’s not.  Fail to eat your own cum – or making me have to tell you what’s expected of you means your cock will be locked in chastity for the next month!  Now, is not eating your own cum really worth that?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine