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You know you fantasize about eating cum in front of other people.  I am not talking about eating your cream on cam for me.  This is taking things up a notch.  Because I want to turn you into a cum eating exhibitionist.

Are you brave enough to take my holiday cum eating challenge?  I promise you will not get in trouble.  Unless you lose all control and start blurting out what you are doing to everyone.

Cum Eating Exhibitionist

This will be very easy.  You can do this at home with people over, or at someone elses soiree.  All it really requires is your cock and your cum.  I trust you carry both of those things with you at all times.  *wink*

You will be cumming into a cup of hot liquid, then carrying it around with you, sipping from it while everyone around you sees you do it.  I will not be surprised to hear you get a stiffy.  This adventure turns your cum eating fantasy into reality!

What to Cum In

I have given this some thought.  There are some drinks that lend themselves to this challenge better than others.  They have a creamy ingredient to begin with, so cum blends right in.  Any of these will help make cum taste better.


See my suggested drink list below.

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Irish Coffee
  • Eggnog
  • Coffee with Cream
  • Chai Tea

You get the idea.  Something with a creamy consistency.  Cum camouflage!

Imagine the high of slipping away to masturbate in private and cum hard into your drink.  Just knowing that others will see you drinking it is spicing up masturbation and that is always good.

Completing the Challenge

You must shoot a full load of cum into your cup.  It is imperative that you sip from it around as many people as possible.  And, you need to finish the drink.

This will be highly exciting.  It is naughty.  I know!  That is why I am issuing this holiday cum eating challenge.  After you complete the challenge, leave a comment about your cum eating exhibitionist experience.  I await most anxiously.

cum eating phone domination with miss violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975