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All in Your Head

I promise, cum eating is not scary.  Any fears you have are generated in your head and there is no reason for them.  But because it is Halloween, I am going to create some scary cum eating scenarios to add an extra thrill to your creamy meal.

These ideas require minimal items on hand.  But they do require you to gather all of your courage and face a fear.  Bwah-ha-ha.  Miss Violet’s evil side shows again.  *wink*

Scary Cum Eating

At least, not until you try one of these methods:

  • Sit in a parking lot (with no security cameras please), cum into your hand and lick it out.  Do you feel eyes upon you?  You may be watched.  But don’t get caught masturbating.
  • Sit in a window at night with the lights on and the curtains open.  Facing the window, dip a finger into your container of saved cum, creating strands connecting your finger to the container.  Make a big production of eating it with your finger.  You can meet interesting people this way.  Do this and you won’t be a secret cum eater anymore!
  • Cum on a plate of kale and eat every morsel of the jizz coated dark leafy veg.  Nasty!  How badly do you want to eat that cum?
  • Cum on the closed lid of the toilet.  Get on your knees and lick up every little bit of it.  So mortifying?  Good!
  • Cum on your face, scoop all but one glistening glob from your cheek and eat it.  Leave that last big and go buy something at a convenience store.  Show and tell!

But Wait, There’s More!

Of course there are more scary ways to eat your cum.  Too bad that I am not there tonight to take your call.  But don’t worry.  I will be back next week and will expect a belated Halloween call from you, cum craver.

You have all of this time to decide on one of the methods above, or come up with a scary cum eating method of your own.  Amaze me!  Disgust me!  This is an invitation that is not given often.


Have you ever been afraid as you ate your cum?  Why?  What happened during your scary cum eating adventure?  Tell us a cum eating tale of terror for Halloween.  Trick or Cum?