If you want to succeed at cum eating… call Me!

Failing At Cum Eating

There are many ways to fail at cum eating.  You say you want to eat your cum . You orgasm and then you lose the desire.  You’ve not had any cock control, and you’ve been jacking off repeatedly, and when you finally do nut off, there’s only a couple of drops.  This however is a cum eating fail that happens because your cocktease is just too good at her job!

Too Much Teasing

If you’ve read any of my blogs, if you’ve talked to me on the phone, you know how much I LOVE cockteasing men.  Having them stroke or stroking them to the edge time after time, building up that cum in their aching balls, making them beg me over and over again, until I’m convinced you will eat that load for me!  Well, what happens when I tease and edge you like that?  Those orgasms are intense and powerful!  Sometimes, I have you leave your “deposit” on a plate or a saucer…and here’s where we can sometimes have a cum eating fail.  You cum so hard, those jets of jism just sail right over that plate!… 😉

Turning A Cum Eating Fail Into A Win

Now what? You’ve made a mess, you horny slut!  Some Mistresses, well, it ends up on their boots or their corset (not me, I always make sure I stand off to the side!), but usually, it’s all over the floor!  I shouldn’t have to tell you what to do to turn this cum eating fail into a win, now should I?  That’s right cum junkie, get down there on your belly, crawl around on the floor and get every drop.  I’ve given you the singular honor of orgasming for me, you need to clean up your mess!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine