Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

What would make you eat your own cum?

I know there are many of you who already eat cum! YAY for you!

Some of you yearn to slurp up that gooey load, but you haven’t quite been able to do it.YET!

Maybe you’re even worried that your secret cum eating desires are way too crazy.if this is you, let Me assure you that MANY men have the same cum eating fantasy!  If you are one of those people who are fascinated but nervous about cum eating, maybe you just need some encouragement from this Experienced Mistress.

What is YOUR favorite cum eating fantasy?

What would be the exact perfect phone sex fantasy to make you slurp up your own load for the very first time?  Hmmmmm?  If you’re already a full-fledged cum eater, tell Me about your very first experience when you were able to lick it all up.

Mistress has many ways to tempt you to eat cum

You know that My sultry voice and creative storytelling can entice you to do many things.  I think this request is very simple.  After all, I’ve admitted that I love to give a great blow job and yes, I swallow!  ~laughs~  Are you surprised?  I am a very sensual Mistress!  I’m sure you’re seen other woman swallow a load.  So, the fair question is, if SHE can swallow cum, why won’t you?  I think it’s your turn to swallow cum!

Maybe you just haven’t tried the right fantasy!   I loved these cum eating fantasy suggestions from one reluctant cum eater:

Hello online Olivia and thank You for asking me to email You about my cum eating fantasies.
As expressed on Your poll, i have not acquired the taste for cum, but am completely turned on by a strong Woman telling me i am going to eat it when (if) i finish.
i have done legs in the air, cock aimed at open mouth position, and this is especially hot due to the hot cum splashing my face and lips and back of my throat. Even as the urge to swallow a load disappears (as it always does immediately upon release), i am left with the humiliating walk to the bathroom to clean cum from my face in the mirror.
Another fantasy of mine is to be made to kneel in front if a Dominant Woman, hands behind my back, nude. She is dressed in heels, sheer stockings and a tight business skirt/blouse or corset (Your photo on cockcontrol serves as great imagery for this scenario.
i must then rub my (Her) cock against Her crossed leg until i shoot. Then, of course, i am made to lick my cum from Her stocking’d leg.

i hope You are having a wonderful day


Post your comments

I think these are some fantastic cum eating scenes and I particularly like the Femdom image (of course!)  So, I want you to share some of your favorite cum eating scenes in the comments section.  I’ll approve your comment along with My reply!  I can’t wait to see what you write!

Ms Olivia