Cum Eating Can Be So Exciting

Cum Eating with Ms Christine

What an enchanting way to please Me!

Dare I say, entertaining even, especially when the taste of the cum enhances the cum eating venture.  Well, let me tell you, my fascination doesn’t end when I finally give you the permission to cum you’ve been so sweetly begging for.  When I’ve got a true cum junkie on my hands, that fascination just goes up a notch as you bring that hand up to your mouth and lick it clean for me!  And you know, even if you’re not an experienced cum craving slut, even if it’s your first time tasting your own jizz, you’re fascinated by cum eating too.

My Fascination With Cum Eating

I think my cum eating fascination has to do with knowing you’re doing it because your Cum Mistress demands it, and then coming up with all the ways I can get that cum in your belly.  From just watching you lick it off your hand, to directing your discharge into a glass, bowl or onto a plate, that makes me smile.  It’s finding just how far, how depraved you can be when eating cum that really gets me hot.  Will you lick it off my body, out of a condom?  How about a creampie from one of my Bulls? Of course you will, you’d do anything to taste my pussy, even if you have to swallow a gallon of cum first, won’t you?

Your Fascination With Cum Eating

I think for many of my cum eaters, the fascination with slurping up their spooge comes from a few places.  First is, they’re just cum curious  – what it will be like – how will it taste, how does it feel.  Others are fascinated by what it does for me, how pleased and content I look as they do something men just aren’t supposed to do (supposedly).  Really though, deep down inside, in the dark places you don’t like to talk about at parties – well, vanilla ones anyway! – you are fascinated by how humiliated it makes you feel…and that just makes the whole experience that much better, doesn’t it?

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine