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It Takes One To Know One

I have had a serious foot fetish for as long as I can remember.  Of course it is for my own feet.  So I look for ways to incorporate foot play into every fetish.  It seems like a natural for cum eating.

We are not talking about any old person’s feet.  It is my pampered, beautifully pedicured, petal soft feet.  They look so pretty and feel so smooth that they could lure you into foot worship.

Part of Body Worship

You would eat your own cum off my breasts, or my curvaceous ass.  You would joyously lick your cum off of my long, slender legs.  I say it’s time for you to step outside of your comfort zone a little and include my feet in the fun.

I promise to make it so sexy, you may find yourself casting furtive, longing glances at the feet of your female co-workers.  *smile*

Make it Sweet

First, follow my special cum eater’s diet for a few days.  This will ensure that your cum is it’s sweetest at the big moment.  When I instruct you to cum hard all over my lovely feet, you will spray it for all you’re worth.  Coat my feet in your jism.

Now pick up one of my feet and lick off every drop of your cum in a way that lets me know how devoted you are to me.  I want to feel your warm, wet tongue lapping over the flesh of my feet.  I want to see you devouring all of your fresh, creamy cum.

lick your cum off my feet 800-601-6975

Lick Your Cum Off My Feet 800-601-6975

If you have done this before, what did you think about it?  Tell me what my beautiful feet inspire you to do, in regard to cum eating.