Let Miss Violet train you to be flexible enough to suck your own cock

Miss Violet can train you to be flexible enough to suck your own cock. 800-601-6975


Assuming the Position

There is a position that allows you to shoot cum straight into your own mouth.  I call this the “Pretzel Position”.  It does require you to be pretty flexible so that you can get the head of your cock six inches, or less, from your wide open mouth.

You lie on your back with your legs and ass up a wall.  Then you kick off of the wall and bring your legs as close to your torso as possible.  It is a rather awkward, physically demanding position.  Perhaps you cannot achieve that position now, but with my flexibility training…you can do it!

Taking the Next Step

Once you can get into the Pretzel Position and have successfully shot your load into your open mouth and swallowed it down to the delight of your Mistress, it is time to move on to the advanced class.

No worries…I teach these classes on a 1:1 basis.  So the only person you will amuse with your failed attempts is me.  And I so appreciate the entertainment.

Cock…Meet Mouth

The next step is self cock sucking which requires getting so limber that you can get the head of your cock into your mouth.  Yes, it can be done.  Yes, I have seen it done.  Both in person and on cam calls here.  So I know for a fact that this is a doable goal.

You may be thinking, “That kind of thing is for young, lean guys.”  Well, it is easier for most of them.  But just about anybody can be trained to suck their own cock.

Fun Session Ideas

Consider combining flexibility training and cum eating with guided masturbation, submissive training, chastity, cuckolding, role plays, and small penis humiliation.  There are lots of other fetishes that can be combined with me training your body to bend it like Beckham.  *grin*

There was a time when longed to be a contortionist.  That did not happen.  It turned out to be a passing fancy.  But I am still very limber, thanks to some of the very exercises I will give you to do.  You will notice your flexibility increasing as your self cock sucking cum eating training continues.  And we can be having an amazing amount of fun in the process!

Let Miss Violet train you to suck cum from your own cock 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975