Cum Eating in Public with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Need to Prepare

You are going to start saving your cum now.  Cum into an empty medicine bottle, or a small plastic cup with a tight fitting lid.   It needs to be something small enough to hide in your pocket or briefcase.

How many loads?  I suggest a minimum of five.  No more than ten.  A good number for what I have in mind for you.  Store it in your refrigerator so it stays fresh.  I am going to help you turn fantasy into reality.

You Need to be Discreet

It is possible to eat your own cum in public, but you must be very discreet about it.  Order a salad with the dressing on the side.  Keep your container of cum hidden away until your salad is served.

Once your salad is on the table, you are going to pour a little salad dressing on your salad.  Then mix your cum with the remaining dressing and pour it all over that delicious salad.  The impossible suddenly becomes possible when a submissive calls a FemDom to coach you through eating your own cum.

You Need to be Quiet

It will be extremely exciting to taste your cum knowing that you are sitting in a public place.  Your cock will go rigid just realizing that you are doing something very taboo.

Get excited enough and it is possible that you will feel a strong need to stroke.  Save that for later.  And no cumming in the restaurant either.  Having a major release in a crowded restaurant is a no-no.   This is going to be a cum eating success!

Cum Eating in Public with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

You Need to Tell Me About It

Since I cannot be with you when you eat your cum topped salad, I definitely want to hear all about it.  How you were feeling as your ordered.  Whether you were nervous when you pulled out your cum container.

Did it taste wonderful?  Was the flavor enhanced by being surrounded by people?  Did anyone watch you prepare your special salad dressing?

Actually, I can be with you during this adventure.  Ask me how.