Sexy Cum Eating Fun with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Pushing Your Boundaries

This cum eating method is going to push your boundaries a bit.  It’s good for you.  *wink*  You have been such a wonderful cum eater for me.   Joyfully eating your full load; eager to try new methods; and even including some food in the fun.

Now I want you to include your cum eating with a partner.  She can be your wife, girlfriend, friend with benefits, or even just a good friend.  Keep taking deep breaths.  She will have no clue that she is taking part in your cum eating fetish.

Lip Gloss Time

Stroke with a steady pace.  Eat your pre-cum every time you see a nice, big bead of it forming at the tip of your cock.  I want you to get super excited.

When you reach the finish line, cum into the palm of your hand and carefully cover your lips with cum.  Let it dry thoroughly on your lips.

Now I want you to go give a little kiss to the lady of your choice.  It can even be a kiss on her cheek.  The important thing is that you know your lips are coated with cum and that you just touched your cum lips to her face.  Voila!  She becomes an accidental cum eater.

Lustful Fun

This is bound to get your mojo raging again.  If the lady you kiss questions the taste of your lips, tell her you used a new lip balm earlier.  *laughing*

So, first you share your cum eating with your partner…then share your cum coated lips kiss story with me here!