Cum Eating Or Self Facial

Cum Eating for Ms Christine

You’ll be surprised at how close we can get your mouth and cock!

A lot of you cum eaters have a very strong desire to be able to at least shoot cum right into your open and waiting mouth.  Some of you want to actually suck your own cock!  For some first time spunk slurpers it’s really the only way because they lose the urge to eat their jizz after they cum.  It’s not an easy position to get into and takes some flexibility, but let me give you some tips.

Self Sucking By Yourself

Lay down on your back, next to a wall, with your head against said wall – this will help.  Start stroking, and as you get to that first edge (you will give me five edges before you spurt!), lift your legs back over your head until that horny, desperate cock lines right up with your mouth. Why the wall?  Well, it’ll help if, as your feet go over your head, they land on a wall behind you, then walk down the wall to narrow the gap between your mouth and cock.  Now, give me four more edges and then you can shoot off in your mouth, cum slut!

Playing With A Friend

If you have a friend – your wife, girlfriend or your friendly neighborhood Mistress, this can be even more fun. She can hold you in that awkward position by the balls, making sure she has a good grip so you know you can’t just lay back down. Now, my two favorite ways to “help” you is to position myself behind you, holding your legs so you can’t unfold.  My second?  Oh, by pile driving you with my strap-on of course!

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