It’s Good Manners After All

Cum Eating for Ms Christine

Why wouldn’t you eat it… for me?

Yes, cum eating is good manners! If I allow a pet of mine the sweet release of orgasm, it’s only good manners that they clean up after themselves.  Are you just going to let it lay on the floor?  Are you going to be environmentally unfriendly and use a tissue to wipe it up?  No, you are not.  What you are going to do is swallow down every drop of that spunk.  So rule one, if you cum, you must eat it.

Ways Of Cum Eating

Now, just having you cum in your hand and then lick it clean gets boring after a while, so I like to spice things up a bit with your cum eating, by coming up with different ways to get you to slurp up that spooge.  Sometimes, I’ll make my pets wear a condom, then, after they’ve nutted off, I carefully remove it and pour the contents into their mouth.  For a little semi-public humiliation play, I’ll have him cum into a glass, and make him drink it with dinner!  And there’s just something artistic about having him jizz all over a black plate – Impressionistic Art! – and then having him lick it clean.

Cum Eating With A Partner

Here are some ideas that my pets should try when they’re with a partner.  It’s always fun to lick cum off her body – at least I think it is!  My foot sluts love it when I let them cum all over my feet!  I make them wait a bit, until that jizz runs between my toes.  It’s a bit humiliating, and it’s tough to make sure you get every drop.  If she’s willing to give you a blowjob, why should she be the only one who swallows.  Let her snowball you and give you a cummy kiss!  Of course, if she ever allows you the privilege of cumming inside her!  Well, make sure you get every morsel of that cream pie!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine