So many ways to eat or drink cum…

How Do You Like Your Cum

So, my cum eating pet, give me a clue here.  How do you take your cum?  Are you a jizz eater or a spunk sipper?  I guess you could be both, but I’m sure you’d rather do one more than the other.  I wonder if being a cum eater says anything different about you than is says about my cum drinkers…I don’t think so, both of you are cum sluts in any case!

Cum Eating

Jism is mostly liquid so I guess most people would say you’re drinking it…or slurping it up whenever you ingest it.  Of course, I have some cum eaters who love to start the day by buttering their bagel with some cum – breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all!  I know some cum sluts who will actually whip that spooge up until it looks like meringue!  So that’s definitely cum eating!

Cum Drinking

Of course, for every one of my cum eating pets who starts their day by buttering their biscuit, I have just as many who can’t get going in the morning without their coffee – with a slight hint of jizz – café au cum!  There’s something about a dollop of white creamy cum on top of a bowl of tomato soup too, now isn’t there?  And how many of you livened up your “cock”tails this summer with some ice cold cum cubes?  Those cum cubes are really the best of both worlds though, aren’t they?  You can wait for them to melt and drink that spunk down…but nah!  They see chewing on ice as a sign of sexual frustration- and we all know how sexually frustrated you are, don’t we?

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