cum eating preparation with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

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Always Thinking of You

You know that my naughty Mistress mind never shuts off completely.  I am always thinking of you; coming up with new ways to help you eat your own cum.

The other night I was in session with fantastically fun “B” who likes to eat his cum for me.  At the end of our session, he told me that he prepared himself for cum eating with eggs.  How so, you ask?  I am going to tell you exactly how and why.

Preparing Your Palate

What “B” did was to cook eggs, probably egg whites only.  He said that the flavor and texture of the eggs closely resembles cum.  To keep it more neutral, he did not add salt or pepper.

He found that after eating this, eating his cum was easy.  So if your orgasm removes the urge to eat cum, keeping you from successfully gobbling your hot load of jizz, consider “B’s” unique training method.  You will find yourself turning fantasy into reality.

Cum Eating preparation with Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975

Transition Idea

If you still find it difficult to eat your cum, consider this idea.  You are already used to the taste of cooked egg whites.  Next time, cum on the cooked egg whites.  Eat it bite by bite that way.

This will give your tastebuds and your brain a chance to experience eating your own cum without having it be a shock.  You too can visit the exciting world of cum eating.

Last Ditch

Once you try both of these methods and you still find yourself unable to follow through and eat your spunk, perhaps you are one of the cum cravers who finds more excitement in the thought of cum eating, and the build up to it, than in actually eating it.  That is okay too.  We can still have a lot of fun, and you will still be oh so naughty.

cum eating phone domination with miss violet 800-601-6975

Miss Violet 800-601-6975