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Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Do you have questions about cum eating?

I know cum eating fascinates you.  Rightly so because cum eating is so naughty!  If you’re someone who has this urge then you need to know you’re in good company … cum eating is a popular male fantasy!

What you might not realize is that this is also a hot fantasy (and reality) for the Experienced Mistress.  Some of it is simply the Femdom power exchange where I have you under my cock control and your orgasm is allowed only if you lick up your own cum.  That’s part of it for me.  But, did you know that I just like the naughtiness?  Mistress is alternately sensual and strict depending on moods and scenes as you can hear in this free erotic audio.

Jizzhead has a question about cum eating

I love to answer your questions.  Here’s a great question from jizzhead.

First his comment:  “As for cum eating… I like that, too! Although I like it more when it’s a surprise.”

How to make it a surprise and yet make sure you get what you want

There are ways to negotiate your fetish with Mistress.  You can hear that in this free erotic audio about fetish scene negotiation.  The question is this:

Question: If a guy calls and says he brought a shot glass along for the session, does that spoil the Mistresses plans? Or would she praise him for being prepared? I don’t want to steal her thunder or take away her decision on whether or not I’ll cum. I’m also a fan of tease and denial… I like cum eating and bukkake even more when it’s Her idea… and I just have to follow orders…

Follow Mistress orders

~laughs~  We talk about this at the beginning of your call and then …..  After a wicked tease and denial scene where you are edging during masturbation you won’t even remember the fetish scene negotiations but I will.  ~grinz~  I love it when a pet gives hints or even requests about erotic fantasy fulfillment and then leaves how to get that to Mistress.  By the time we GET to where we both want to go you’ll be aroused, aching, panting, surprise and OH YOU WILL take that load of cum — for Mistress!

Ms Olivia