I Love Turning Your Cum Eating Into A Game

cum eating with Ms. Christine

Ready for a new game?

We’re going to play a little game. A cum eating game. The question is: are you deserving?  By that I mean, you’re not just going to get to jerk it and nut off.  Oh no, my cum eating pet, you’re going to have to tease and edge yourself for me.  Are you willing? Are you willing to eat your own cum if only I’ll let your balls explode all that creamy jizz out of your tormented and teased cock?  Are you worth it?  Well, we’ll find out if you can follow my guided masturbation instructions and keep that cum in your aching blue balls until I give you permission to release it.  We’ll see.  Let’s get started.

Get Naked And Start Stroking

Go ahead get naked and start stroking your penis. Stroke it for my legs, stroke it for my hot body.  No, I’m not going to get naked!  If you saw my hot, naked body, you’d just dribble out, all down your leg!  Now, keep stroking, slow, then fast, rub just the head, now squeeze your balls.. Stroke it until I tell you to stop. That’s right, we’re edging your little dick today.  When you edge, I may tell you to stop…or I may make you ride the edge, it’s all up to me.  You gave me control of your cock, and I’m going to use it! Now pump it again. Until you’re about to cum. Then stop. Are you having fun yet? I sure am!

Edge For Me My Cum Eating Pet

Is it getting harder and harder to stop? Pun intended of course! It’s ok I’ll let you start again soon.  You’re going to keep edging until you begin begging me to cum.  And every time you beg, I’ll ask you if you’re going to eat your cum for me.  That’s what makes this game so fun with reluctant cum eaters like you.  Sooner or later, you’ll beg to eat your cum – not begging to cum, but begging to eat it!  And then I’ll let you finish so you can release that creamy jizz and lick it off your hands.

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