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Miss Violet

Feminization Is the New Black

It goes with everything!  It’s true.  Think about it.  You can be into feminization and explore just about any fetish out there, such as queening.  That is certainly true for cum eating.  Except, for sissies, I call it sissy cream eating.

You know you enjoy wearing your frilly panties, lacy bra, silky stockings, and stroking your clitty through the soft fabric.  It feels so good against your skin.  I should know.  After all, I wear frilly panties myself.  *wink*  Since you are already touching, oohing and aahing, why not take the next step and taste your sissy pre cream?

Sweet Looking and Sweet Tasting

There you lie, looking oh so sweet and girly.  Now a tiny wet spot forms in the front of those pretty panties.  This is the time to reach down inside those panties, get that yummy juice on your dainty fingertip, bring it to your pink lips, open up and delicately lick it off.  Little, tiny kitten licks.

You will find that sissy pre cream is very sweet and light.  This may surprise you.  Your well plucked eyebrows will arch up in response, your breathing get heavier, and your hand begins to stroke faster…harder.

Never Skip Dessert

Life is short.  It is pure madness to skip dessert.  In the world of cum eating, your sissy cream IS dessert.  While we are in session…you stroking your clitty…me talking to you about the erotic delights of eating your own cum…working you into a frenzy.

You get to that point where you know you have to either stop, or dance to the finish.  Be warned.  I may edge you a few times.  Every cum eating beginner needs to build up a lot of sexual energy to break through the cum eating barrier, and to make the whole event so much more exciting.

Your Clitty Wants to Play

So give me a call and let’s have feminization cum eating fun together!  Do you have questions about this?  You can ask me here as a comment, or email me.