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A Truly Eager Cum Eater

I was double teaming a very eager cum eater, “d”, last night.  He had eaten a few big loads of cum for me in the past, but last night he truly surpassed his earlier performances.

While before he licked, and sucked the cum off of whatever we directed him to…he saved the most desperate move for the end.  We heard a loud, rushing noise and I was curious what it was.

Ms Christine Enlightens Me

That was the moment when she tells me, “He’s slurping it up.”  Well…I jumped all over that.  He’s having a fresh cum slurpee.  Yum!  *laughing*  We Mistresses had a grand time teasing him, and encouraging him to slurp it all up, like a good little cum craver.

Let me assure you that he did just that.  Thanks for the fabulous demonstration, “d”.  *grin*

What’s Your Pleasure?

Do you have what it takes to face a fresh, hot load of your jizz…purse your lips…touch them to the spunk and start inhaling like you are trying to suck a golfball through a straw?  Certainly not an endeavor for the faint of heart.

When you are a true fan of cum eating, you will stop at nothing to not only eat every dollop of your cum, but you will do everything in your power to please your Mistress in the coached cum eating process.  Want to go the extra mile?  Slurp it out of your own cock.

On Cam Slurpee

All that remains to discover is whether you will be slurping up your pecker spit on cam, or not.  I will tell you the truth.  We Mistresses LOVE to see you slurp up your screaming white pearlies.  Come on men…it’s slurpee time!