Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Who is a cum eater?

There are all sorts of ‘reasons’ why someone wants to eat cum.  The reasons are as varied as the things that turn you on.  This fetish is one of the ones that most people either really like or really do not like.  I’ll admit, some of you are just curious and looking for a little naughty variety.  That’s fine too.  Personally, I like the variety and the individuality of our phone sex sessions!

Individual phone sex

I don’t do set scripts for your sessions.  I get to know you and find out your unique sexual triggers.  Then, I will use My creativity to do erotic roleplay scenes that will get us both hot!   Each one of you is different and I adore the variety of ways you fantasize about eating your own cum.  My role is to coach you to eat your own cum!  And, I’m a great coach and Experienced Mistress!  ~grinz~

Power exchange phone sex

As an Experienced Mistress, I know a lot about power exchange.  I know that this is true:  control the cock, control the guy!  And we are experts at cock control!  For those of you who yearn to submit to a Femdom Mistress, then the cum eating becomes part of our power exchange play.  It can be sensual or strict.  I can tease or torment you.  But, make no mistake, it will be about DESIRE as you can hear in this free erotic audio about desire.

So, tell Me about YOUR desires.  I might end up as your muse, your Mistress or your (sweet) nightmare!  ~grinz~  And, I know you want to tell Me … so CONFESS!

Ms Olivia