What is it about cum eating that’s so submissive?

I have a treat for you… excuses you can use (if you like)… it’s 3 reasons I think eating cum is a submissive act that is right for you.

Men Don’t Eat Cum

I hear that a lot when I first broach the subject of eating a load.  So, let me get this straight.  It’s okay when she eats it, but not for you?  Bollocks, I say (picked that up from one of my UK wankers)!  So, just knowing that you think cum eating isn’t okay for a guy – makes it a submissive act.  If…and now that you’ve told me you think it’s a woman’s job to eat cum, the chances are slim indeed…if, I let you nut off, you will be eating every last drop.

Cum Eating Is Humiliating

So, you’ve told me men don’t eat cum, and when we get right down to it, it’s really not because you think it’s something only women do, is it?  No, you find cum eating to be humiliating.  Tell me you don’t get a little charge, that it doesn’t make your orgasm just a bit more intense when you fill some poor girl’s mouth with your seed and watch her choke it down.  Think of eating your cum as just a humiliating task that shows your gratitude for the fact I allowed you release. 

You Eat Cum Because Mistress Tells You To

This is really the only reason you need to eat cum.  You do it because I tell you to.  You’re going to make a mess when I allow you to cum, shouldn’t you show the good manners of cleaning up after yourself and please your Dominant Mistress?  All those women you’ve humiliated by cumming in or on them – shouldn’t I be allowed some sweet revenge for them?  And last, but not least, think of it as one last task you must perform, in gratitude of me allowing you the release you so desperately craved.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine