He Finally Ate His Cum!

Cum Eating with Ms. Christine

Any of these sound like you?

This first cum eating success story is about a first time cum eating pet.  He’s been calling me for months, saying he wanted to slurp his spunk.  I’d tease and edge him, make him beg, make him say, “please, I’ll eat my cum for you”, then he’d not follow through!  Well, after the first few aborted attempts at cum eating, I started having him eat all his pre-cum, then leave him denied.  We did that a few times, then I ruined his orgasms, and he was so horny and frustrated, he’d swallow that spunk, thinking I’d reward him with a full release… but I didn’t.  Finally, after a few more ruined orgasms calls, I gave him the blessed release, and made him sit there with that warm cream cooling in his hand until he got soft…then told him, “eat!”  And then, after he swallowed it all down, he said the sweetest thing…”Mistress, I will always eat my cum for you!”

Getting Your Cum Eating Taste Straight From The Tap

This sissy was a good sissy. Well, she was trying to be a good gurl.  I mean, she’d always take it on the chin…and the face…and the hair…but still!  She called me the other day and told me she’d finally taken the plunge – latching on to that cock as it shot gobs and gobs of cream into her mouth.  And when she was finished being a bad sissy slut, she told me, “Mistress, I never realized it tasted that good!”

The Cream Pie Of Cum Eating

One of my cuckold pets got two of his fantasies fulfilled in one night!  First, his wife finally decided to find herself a nice, big cock…and then he got to clean up.  He said he was filled with nervous anticipation all night as she was out.  Then she finally came home, sat down on their leather recliner and motioned him over.  As he crawled over on his hands and knees, she spread her legs…unveiling a fresh cream pie!  He said he dove right in, and the taste – her juices mixed with that Bull’s cum – was heavenly.  Salty, bitter and sweet all at the same time.  And I’m going to guess his wife will be bringing home many cream pies for him in the future.

Do you have any cum eating success stories?  Share them with me and the other Cum Mistresses in the comments below!

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