There Is An Easy Way

Would you like it easy or hard my pet?

Well of course there is, cum eating is like most any other activity afterall.  Let me tease you and build you to edge after edge, over and over again.  Feel your balls churning away, getting blue, starting to ache.  Beg me.  Beg me to let you cum, but more importantly, beg me to eat your own cum when it explodes from your cock.  You see, that’s the easy way.  You beg me, I stroke you to an amazing orgasm, and then you happily eat that jizz!

Cum Eating The Hard Way

You really want to tell me you won’t eat your cum for me, don’t you?  That’s the whole point of this cum eating game, stroker, the whole end game to my controlling you…and your cock.  The hard way starts the same, lots of teasing and edging…but you just won’t give me the satisfaction of begging to eat your cum.  So, I’ll just have to throw your legs over your head and have you shoot off in your mouth.  Oh, going to keep that mouth closed?  Well I have a o-ring gag for you then…how do you like that sweetie?

Pick Your Cum Eating Method

  So, pick cum eater.  You can tell me all you want that you aren’t a cum eater…because we both know the truth.  You’ll either eat it the easy way or the hard way.  You will eat your cum for me, though – cum eating is definitely in your future.  You’ll feel it filling your mouth, and then sliding down your throat.  I want you to eat your cum.  And you know, deep down inside, you want to eat your cum, to please your Mistress, if for no other reason. 😉

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine