It’s kinky and satisfying! 😉

First things first, cum eating does not make you gay!  If you’re attracted solely to men and find girls yucky (and I don’t know why you would!), that makes you gay.  But getting cum from another man’s cock does seem like the “Gay Way” of cum eating, don’t you think?


Some men are just not into cocksucking, but they’re willing to be part of a circle jerk and stroke another guys dick.  Guess they think it makes them less gay (ok, ok… I’ll stop now)  So, here’s one way you can get yourself some bittersweet cream.  Stroke him until he nuts off.  You can either hold that cock near your mouth, and let him shoot right in there, or you can collect it in your hand or elsewhere on your body (or his) and lap it up.  If you have a partner, you can even have him cum on her (or him) and lick it off, too.


Obviously, this is probably the way many of you experience cum eating with another guy – by sucking his cock.  You start out licking around his head, then up and down his shaft, then pop it into your mouth.  Thrusting in and out while your tongue swirls around his head and your hand jacks that dick, it won’t be long before that cock swells and delivers it’s sweet, creamy treat!

Cum Into The Kiss

This a variation of cocksucking, but it’s not a snowball.  That’s when the cock cums in one partners mouth and they share it with the other cum eater through a kiss.  This one is equally sexy, I think.  You and your partner kneel on either side of the “suckee” and start kissing.  He thrusts his dick in between your smooching lips, and you kiss his cock, then he pulls back out and the two of you kiss again.  Add in some French kissing, with lots of tongue, and when he tells you he’s about to cum, you both open your mouths, and he delivers his cum eating gift to you!  And then you and your partner can feel free to snowball after!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine