Last week I posted about Cum Eating – The Gay Way, and now I’d thought we’d talk about eating cum if your straight.

It’s about the cum itself… isn’t it?

Cum In Your Hand

Well, duh!  For all of you cum eaters, you know this is how you started out.  You stroked and jerked and beat that meat until it spurted and filled your hand.  Then, you were cum curious, weren’t you?  You just had to have a taste.  And not only did you get a taste of that milky white cream, but it was all mixed in with that pre-cum you used for lube, wasn’t it?  And from that first taste, you were addicted to cum, weren’t you?

A Place Setting For Your Spunk

If you really want to slurp that cum up and give me – and any other Mistress of Cum Eating – a great show on webcam, then cumming on a plate or into a shot glass or a cup is perfect – especially if that dishware is black.  There’s something so sexy about seeing those white ropes and drops of cum against a black background.  When I have you lick it up, there’s also no question that you’ve gotten it all, now is there?  Oh, and you can always get fancy with those place settings – go ahead and set yourself out a meal, and then add some extra protein to your food!

Self Sucking

So, you want to suck cock, but only your own and you are wondering if that makes you gay?  I’m not sure.  I mean, you are sucking cock, but you’re sucking your own.  Maybe that makes you a narcissist…a faggot narcissist!  Okay, okay, we’ll make auto-fellatio a “straight” cum eating technique – although it is a very advanced cum eating technique.  I mean, you’ve got to be pretty flexible to get that cock in your mouth.  Maybe, just maybe if you can’t quite bend that much, and all you’re doing is aiming those jets of spunk into your mouth, you just might catch that cum and that would make you a straight cum eater.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine