Cum Eating Food Fun

Let’s talk about how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with me and Eat Cum!

I know Valentine’s Day is mostly a ladies’ holiday, but tell me you got some sweet treats for yourself? I know I try to make my Halloween candy last until Valentines, and then makes Valentine’s candy last until Halloween!  But let’s use it all this time and add some cum eating fun to our Valentine’s Day!

Cum Filled Chocolates

I’ll tell you, the candy makers are missing out on a whole market of cum eaters since they don’t make chocolates with cum filling!  What could be better?  Actually, Willie Wonka had it right.  You know when he tells them, “and the snozzberry tastes like snozzberry?”  Yeah, snozzberry is actually a slang term for male genitalia!  So why don’t you make your own snozzberry chocolate?  Open up one of your filled treats, and scoop out as much of the filling as you can. Now, stroke for me, and then make your own deposit – of jizz!  Mush the treat back together and enjoy!

You Want to Be My Cum Eating Sweetheart, Don’t You?

I love Sweethearts.  Those are the candy hearts with the sayings on them?  You’re going to pull a bunch out of the box and put them on your spunk tray.  Now, pull out ones that say appropriate things – like “ALL MINE”, “CALL ME” (because you should be calling me) or “SWEET TREAT”.  Now jerk off and make sure you ice those hearts with your sweet cream.  Eat up your cum and the cute little hearts!  The sweet and salty mix should be wonderful!


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