You’ll eat your cum if I say so… want you?

Cum Eating Words

What can I say to you that will have you eating out of my hand – well, your hand really.  You’re not cumming in my hand!  Is it as simple as “Eat your cum.”  Do we need to use some euphemisms, like “Lick up that mess”  Or do I have to be nasty – “Slurp it up, cum junkie!“ Words can be so powerful, and your sexy Cum Mistresses knows just which ones will get you to do what you really want to do anyway – become the cum guzzling slut you are deep down inside!

Cum Eating Triggers

You know how many cum eaters, once they orgasm, just completely lose the desire to swallow down their own jizz.  I know though, that if I use just the right trigger words as that spunk is racing up your shaft, I can keep you on that sexual high just long enough to make sure you clean up after yourself.  Knowing that you’re going to be swallowing that spunk gets me all hot and excited, and letting you know that will give you a stronger, more powerful orgasm.  And when you cum hard, what do you get?  More jizz!

Sometimes It’s About Coaching

Coaching you to eat that cum for me.  I’ve always found that you’ll get more cum guzzlers with pineapple than you will with asparagus!  Imagine me standing over you after you’ve just nutted off quietly urging you on, “you know you want to please your Mistress, pet.  And nothing pleases me more that when you lick up all of that cum for Me.”

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine