Cum Eating Is What You Want

Why should you, you ask??

Look, let’s be honest my cum eating pet.  Mistresses love it when you eat your own cum.  As a submissive, your place is to either swallow, wear, or do other disgusting things with your cum in order to please your Mistress. When you get down to it there are three reasons for you to be a cum eating slut.

Cum Eating Is Good For The Environment

Never thought about that, did you?  But cum eating is friendly to the environment. Before we had you eating your own jizz, what did you nut off into?  Using a paper towel or tissue to clean up your spermy mess is very damaging to the environment.  Every time you blast a spunk wad into a tissue, you throw it away.  That cum rag then lingered for years in some landfill.  Why spend the money and waste a paper towel when there’s a perfectly good, completely free cum dump literally right under your nose? Oh, and don’t try to think because you’re using a cloth, a sock or some poor woman’s panties that that makes it any better.  You wash them, don’t you?  Wasting water, releasing harmful toxic soaps into the water supply, it’s just as bad.  So, from now on it goes in your mouth or on your body- not on anything else!

Your Cum Is Toxic

I basically view your cum as disgusting toxic substance (just cum from cum eaters like you.  Cum from my BBC Bulls is delicious!).  Okay, it’s not like it’s poisonous or anything, but it’s the end result of you chronic masturbation habit.  Just like any other addict, you want to dispose of any evidence regarding your filthy addiction- as if it never existed. It’s toxic because the more you cum, the more you WANT to cum.  If you had to eat up every drop of that  pearly cream, then you might think about how badly you NEED to cum, don’t you think?

Check back next week for more reasons why you should eat your own cum.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine