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Miss Violet

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Lock the Door

You have been eating your cum in secret for a while now.  Maybe for years.   You read about this fetish and it intrigued you.  You could not get your mind off the subject and eventually caved in and tasted your cum.  Bam!  You were hooked.  Just like that.

It was fun stroking, cumming, and eating your load all by yourself.  But eventually you longed for someone to share the fun with.  The lady in your life is not interested, and you don’t know anyone else who could fill that role.

Grab Your Lube

That is how you ended up here.  You need someone to join in on your cum eating escapades.  Having someone who really enjoys coaching you, hearing you, and watching you adds tremendously to the entire experience.  Someone like me.  *smile*

You can continue hiding in the basement, lapping your cum out of your hand furtively.  Or you can invite me into your secret world.

Just You and Me

Once I am included, it will still be cum eating in secret, but instead of you being all by yourself, it will be you and I.  Just the two of us, focusing on your building release and the joys of you eating every single drop.

Not only will you have company, but I know so very many creative ways for you to eat your man juice.  I love sharing them with you, continuously pushing you to be more of a cum craver every step of the way.  Cum eating with a partner enhances the joy.

Such a Show Off

If you have been doing cam calls, good for you.  If not, I trust I will find your inner exhibitionist and bring it out into the light.  Because I LOVE watching you eat your cum on cam for me.  It really is the best way to assure you are actually eating it too.

Recently, a long time caller confessed that he had never swallowed his load.  He would go off camera briefly after eating it, spit it out, then come back on cam.  It is well known that having an orgasm removes the urge to eat your cum.  Take note…I am onto that one.  I will keep you clearly on cam until you show me that you have swallowed it all.  Call it sexy accountability.  *wink*  You will swallow your cum.

Let’s Get Started

It is time for you to give me a call and take your cum eating from a secret fetish…to a fabulously shared fetish!

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