She Likes Your Openness Of Cum Eating

She’ll love it, I’m sure!

Hot, sexy women like guys who are willing to try kinky, new things.  They really like it when you’re willing to try kinky things that are a bit out there – like eating your own cum!  See, most guys, if you ask them to, won’t slurp up any spooge, they’re going to be like, “No way!  I’m not gay!” (That is one of the BIGGEST cum eating myths!) You’re different though, aren’t you?  You’re willing to swallow some jizz, especially when she tells you how hot it gets her, how turned on it makes her when you’re licking that cream pie from her wet pussy!

She Swallows, Why Would Cum Eating Not Be For You?

Maybe she goes about it a different way.  Maybe, while she’s got her soft, wet, warm lips wrapped around your rock hard dick, bobbing her head up and down, bringing you right to the edge of filling her mouth with your seed, she stops, lets it pop out, and looks up at you with those beautiful, sexy eyes and says,  “baby, I’ll let you cum in my mouth, but I think it’s so sexy to kiss you and snowball you afterward!”  Well, if she swallows, shouldn’t you? Seems only fair to me!  And I’ll bet if you share a cummy kiss with her, you’re sure to get many more blowjobs in the future….

She Wants A Man Who Doesn’t Leave A Mess

The one thing we women hate is having to pick up after you!  It’s okay to just leave a trail of clothes from the door to the bed when you’re tearing each other’s clothes off in a fuck frenzy, but when you’re taking it slow, you neatly pile them up, don’t you?  You don’t make a mess…and you shouldn’t when you’re finally allowed to nut off!  Whether you cum on her or in her – or even sometimes, right on the floor – a good cum slut always cleans up his mess!

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