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Miss Violet 800-601-6975


A Nasty New Idea

I love it when my clients tell me about their filthy cum eating fantasies, or better yet…the nasty ways they have eaten their own cum.  Recently my devoted submissive simeon suggested a thoroughly disgusting way to try that I just have to pass on to you.  First, I adore office settings for role plays and kinky play in general.  This does require an office setting.  It can be a home office though.

Do not worry if your office is a small one, or does not have some of the extras that big companies have.  For this naughty idea all you need is a copy machine.

Such an Exhibitionist

The idea is that you lift the lid on the office copier and whip out your cock.  Stroke your dick over the glass top of the copier.  Two advantages to this:  one is that you get to see yourself stroking your cock in the reflection; two is that you will drip little bits of pre-cum on the glass which just adds to the fun later!

Keep stroking and realize that you could be walked in on at any moment.  Someone else might be “working” late like you are.  *laughing*  The cleaning crew might burst in and find you hand humping like your life depended on it.  The excitement and suspense will get you close to the edge fast.  You know how I like exhibitionists.  If I can watch you on cam during this, you get extra gold stars for your performance.

Copying Your Perversion

Now here is the twisted part.  When you are right on the edge of a release, look down at the glass and aim your cock right at the center of the glass surface.  You would not want sticky cum working its way into the machinery and gumming things up.  No, no, no!  Aim is critical at this point.

Shoot a pool of cum right in the center, then immediately lean over with your tongue out and click the “copy” button.  This will give you a good, crisp, close up pic of your tongue licking up your fresh, hot cum off the copier glass.  Eat every drop of your own cum.  Take the pic with you.  That is very important.  I would not recommend leaving that in the printer.  Though it would certainly give everyone in your office a good laugh.  *wink*

How Nasty Are You?

I want to know just how nasty you are.  Do you dare to take this challenge and take that pic of yourself lapping fresh cum off the copier glass?  Let’s take things up another notch.  I dare you to send me a copy of that pic!  Email it to me.

If you are brave and adventurous and do this challenge, I prefer to be on the phone with you while you do it.  Coaching you through it, encouraging you to press that “copy” button for real.  Reminding you to take the pic with you!  *grin*  Something to consider.  And I will still want a copy of that pic.