Your First Cum Eating Experience

Do you remember your first cum eating experience?

Now, I get a lot of newbies in my cum eating world.  They’ve never tasted spunk before, and they have a deep seated need to try it.  Usually they can’t do it on their own, which is why they need a Cum Mistress like me to coach them on their cum eating.  As much as I get virgin cum eaters, I also get cum junkies – boys who have been eating cum for a long time!  And I am always fascinated in learning what their first cum eating experience was.

The Rare Cum Eater

Rarely, very rarely, I get a cum eater who tells me “I just wondered what it tasted like!”  They didn’t need to be coerced to eat cum, they didn’t need to be coached.  One day, they were just jerking off, they’re dick shot a load into their hand and they just said, “ah, what the hell!” and licked their hand clean!  These guys will one day be my true cum junkies, because I know they will go all the way and learn to loved jizz!

Snowballed Cum Eating

One of the questions I always ask a newbie is, “if she eats cum, why don’t you?”  I mean, those of you lucky enough to have a girlfriend or wife who will willingly polish your knob certainly expect them to swallow when you fill their mouth with spunk, don’t you?  Well, a lot of my cum junkies tell me that their first taste of cum was when their lady decided to get a bit kinky, blew him to completion as they say, then slid up and planted a sticky, creamy snowball kiss on his lips!  Now they can’t get enough of those salty, sweet kisses!

Creampie Cum Eating

I would say that for every cum junkie who was introduced to cum eating via snowball, there are just as many who got their first taste of cum by creampie.  For the majority of them, it was what I call a vanilla creampie.  My soon to be cum junkie left a “deposit” in his wife or girlfriend’s pussy and then he cleaned her up.  I think it’s the mixture of both his cum and her juices that does it for them.

Leave me a comment below.  I’d love to know about your first time!

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