Inquiring Cum Mistresses Want To Know

It’s a healthy addiction my pet…

Every cum eater has a first time story.  Or maybe it wasn’t your first time.  Maybe, for a long while, you simply slurped your spunk because a Mistress was telling you to or because it was humiliating, and not necessarily pleasurable.  After a while though – sometimes sooner, sometimes later – you all turn into cum junkies.  So what was it?  What finally made you a cum addict?

Was It Your Own Cum? 

Were you jacking off one night, shot a nice big load all over your belly and thought to yourself, “I wonder what it tastes like?”  Or was the thought more along the lines of, “She hates it when I cum in her mouth so much…could the taste of cum really be that bad?”  Were you hooked right then, or did you not like it the first time, then tried it a second…fifth…hundredth? just to see if it would get better?  Did she finally “have it up to here with you” and after you filled her mouth with your jizz, she surprised you with a snowball?  What really made you addicted to your own cum?

Or Was It Someone Else’s?

I know this is weird, but I actually have cum addicts who can’t stand the taste of their own spooge…but they love tasting others!  Is that you?  And how did that happen?  Did your hot wife or cheating girlfriend come home from one of her dates and you were just so horny from her description of what went on that you just plunged right into her creampie…without checking to see if she cleaned up first?  Or, did you just decide that you needed to taste it straight from the tap?  Did you suck cock and that’s what turned you into a cum addict?

Tell me your stories in the comments…and then give me a call and we’ll see if we can get you the cum you crave!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine