Sweet and salty cum shots

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

How can you eat cum?  Let me count the ways!  If you’re hesitant about the taste of cum, then this blog post is for you!  ~smiles~

Cum Curious

Are you cum curious?  Or, do you already know you love the gooey, creamy load of jizz?  ~laughs~  No matter what erotic roleplay you combine with your cum eating fantasy, here’s something new to try!

Sweetening the cum

Some of you have said you don’t like the taste of cum.  Now, how do you KNOW if you haven’t been able to eat your own cum?  ~grinz~  I think if the woman swallows your cum shot then YOU should be able to lick up your load!  I mean, if SHE swallows then so should you!

AW and the chocolate covered with cum

I had a surprise cum eating call with AW who showed me a plate with two squares of chocolate!  I asked what kind of chocolate and this dedicated cum eater said, dark chocolate.  I laughed of course and said, “Good point, you’re going to make sure it’s milk chocolate with your man milk!”  ~grinz~

Cum covered food options

Here’s a holiday themed choice…..cum on a candy cane and then suck off your cum!  ~laughs~  Ohhhhhhh, those lips wrapped around a cock shaped object?  ~grinz~  Or, the peppermint taste with the cum taste.  Oh MY!  Or, you can use chocolate, muffins, cookies, or really ANY food!

Cum eaters buffet

When you eat cum off food, what are YOUR yummy food choices?  Want to try chocolate or a candy cane?  ~wink~

Ms Olivia